Cleaning Supplies will consist of:
         - Clorox Bleach Spray; Lysol Spray; Lysol all purpose cleaner
         - PineSol - Paper Towels or disposable cloths to wipe all surfaces and
           then discard appropriately; Disposable Gloves

ALL Customer area contact surfaces (tables, counters, chairs, bowling balls, ball racks, score desks, and keypads):
         - Will be disinfected between each group
         - All areas will be cleaned with Lysol all purpose cleaner
         - Bowling balls and Ball racks will be disinfected with bleach spray
         - Rentall Bowling Shoes will be sanitized inside and out using Aerobex
           disinfectant spray (Certified for hospital use)

Washroom Use:
         - Maximum of 1 person in either the Men's or Ladies' washroom at a time.
         - Washrooms will be cleaned hourly or more frequently if needed
         - All surfaces will be sanitized and dried with either a disposable cloth;
           clean paper towel; or left to air dry

New Installation of Plexi-Glass:
         - New plexi-glass at the entrance, shoe counter, service counter and
           lounge will be cleaned regularly
         - We ask you to PLEASE REFRAIN from touching the glass

Pin Pads & Debit Machines:
         - These will be sanitized between every individual use

Other Touch Point Surfaces (door handles, light switches, desks, cash register, keyboards etc):
         - Cleaned a minimum of twice per day - more frequently if required

Lounge & Concession Area:
         - Between Shifts - the service counter, bar service area and any other
           touch point areas will be disinfected.