- Enhanced Cleaning:
          * We have increased cleaning and sanitization practices on all surfaces
             - including balls, shoes, stock, counters, washrooms etc..
    - Customer Area and Contact Surfaces:
          * Balls and Rental shoes are being cleaned & sanitized between each
             group as well as chairs, counters, ball racks, score desks
    - Sanitizer Stations:
          * There will be hand sanitizer at the Front Door which is too be used
             upon entry of the facility and there will be hand sanitizer available
             throughout the facility for use during your stay
    - Safe Service Food & Beverage:
          * Food & Beverages are being served according to the new regulations
             in place:
                     - Liquor - must be served by a staff member AT YOUR 
                        DESIGNATED lane.
                     - Pop, Water, Juice & Coffee/Tea - We will be using disposable
                       cups at this time for all beverages (including coffee/tea).
                     - Condiments will be wiped down after every use.
    - Pin Pads & Debit Machine:
          * Patrons will tap, insert or swipe their own debit or credit cards
          * Pin Pads will be sanitized after every use