* Every Other Lane:
                - Our guests are being spaced out so there will be at least one vacant lane between 
              - Each Group MUST stay at their designated area
       * Directional Signage:
                - There will be new signage posted throughout the facility indicating the new rules and
                distancing guidelines

       * Contract Tracing:
                - All groups MUST provide a contact name & phone number which will be recorded
                   for contract tracing purposes 
      * Limit Per Lane:
                - A Maximum of 6 people per lane group will be used
       * Bowling Balls:
                - Each lane in use will be provided with 6 sanitized balls.  If guests have personal
                  bowling balls, we will be providing them with sanitizer before they can be put on the
                  ball rack.
       * Rental Shoes:
                - Each Group will be provided with a bin to put their rental shoes in upon completion
                  of their bowling.  This bin will be left at your designated lane for staff to collect and
       * Food & Beverages:
                - Our liquor license has been temporarily extended out the lane area in order to
                  allow us to comply with the ruling of people staying in their designated area.
                - If a drink (whether alcohol or non-alcohol) or confectionary is wanted, please
                  wave down a staff member to come and take your order.  DO NOT leave your
                  area to go up to the service counter.  This is not allowed at this time.
       * Face Masks:
               -  As of right now, face masks are NOT Mandatory, HOWEVER, since we can not
                  always abide by the safe social distance of 6ft while indoors, we are STRONGLY
 RECOMMENDING that face masks be worn to protect yourself, our staff, and
                  other visitors to the lanes.